Jordan: Somehow, when I was at school-

Jeanette: Somehow? Start again.

Jordan: Um, today when I was at school…

Jordan: Somehow, Gracie started barking at the mailman.

Jeanette: Jordan? Somehow?

Jordan: What?

Jeanette: Did Gracie somehow start barking?

Jordan: No.

Me: Jordan, how was your day?

Jordan: Oh, it was good. But somehow when I was telling my aide about our photos, she thought they were really interesting.

Me: Which photos?

Jordan: The ones we took when we were playing with lights.

Me: Was it really unexpected that you brought this up? Did it just happen somehow?

Jordan: Yes.

Me: You told your aide this story by some means that was extraordinary or surprising?

Jordan: No.

Me: Care to try again?

Jordan: Ok.

Jordan: I felt very sad for this woman I met on our field trip.

Me: Why?

Jordan: She told me that a family member died because of cancer. I told her I know how she felt because I lost a grandpa and an uncle to cancer.

Me: That’s hard. Did you tell her about your cancer?

Jordan: Yes.

Me: What did you say?

Jordan: I told her that I had to deal with cancer, too. But somehow I survived.

Me: Yes. You did. Somehow.