It was supposed to be a morning of peace and strength. After a rough patch, that’s just what we found.

Tubing Again

The words that came out of the nurse’s mouth rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t her fault and she didn’t mean any harm. That’s why I tried to shake it off and be present. Focus. Be upbeat for Jordan. But still, those words were gnawing inside. “Is she mentally competent to answer our questions?” We were seated in pre-op for Jordan’s latest MRI. It’s at a new hospital. Our 19 year-old slayer has outgrown CHLA, so this is a new crew who doesn’t know her.



Jordan was under the knife again this week, but it was minor in comparison to past surgeries. But it did force a question that has haunted us since the day she turned 18.


Brunch should never be a chore. But sometimes even the greatest pleasures give way to our biggest tensions. That was today.


Somehow is a word that Jordan uses the way many girls her age say “like.” But sometimes, the word fits in a remarkable way.