Panic Room

As I was going upstairs I heard the bathroom door close and then a thud.

I called out calmly to see if Jordan was ok. Usually I get a quick, “everything’s fine, Dad.” Not today.


Little Buddy

As Jordan’s health continues to improve on many fronts, it is time to say goodbye to a medical device that was placed in her body over a decade ago.


I wrote this for Jordan the night before she started a burst of seizures. She was scheduled to travel to CHLA for blood work and a port flush. I couldn’t join her. I made a little card and left it on the dining table for her. Jeanette told me Jordan loved it, and wanted to call me to tell me so just seconds before the first seizure hit. She doesn’t remember any of it.


The Burst

The storms come and go. I never get used to them.

By Choice

For most of us New Year’s resolutions are fleeting. This week Jordan followed through on hers when she underwent surgery to strengthen her feet and her capacity to walk on her own. Her resolve holds a lesson for us all.